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Man V Fat Football Glasgow- It’s coming home

Man V Fat Football

Man V Fat Football Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you fed up of feeding yourself rubbish? Do you have a goal of playing football anywhere but in goal? Well, I have some news that will get your heart rate going. Literally. Scotland might not be involved in Euro 2016, but Man V Fat ...

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Father Figure and Father’s Day Gifts


This week Daniel, Jack and myself feature in this Vitality Father’s Day Father Figures magazine article and we even star in one of their up-coming “Everyday Athletes” adverts. However, I will not be celebrating Father’s Day, for I am not their father. I am Stephen, their step dad kind of thing and although I have been ...

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Feet for Life – Step into Action in June 2016

Feet for Life

If you are a regular visitor to How Many Miles you will appreciate that I am a sharer. No facet of my life is off limits and in blogs like “All the Bad Things” , I can be accused of over sharing. So, for those of a nervous disposition, this blog post serves as a ...

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

New Before

I worried that when I walked away from Great Run that opportunities to promote physical activity to large audiences would diminish. Great Run was one of my greatest experiences, but it was also my biggest disappointment. I should have moved on, by now, but my name still appears on their pages and I still regret ...

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European Obesity Day 2016 – ScotlandvsObesity


“Obesity is one of the most challenging public health concerns of the 21st century. It is an epidemic that is sweeping Europe and about which not enough is being done.” The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) have designated this Saturday, the 21st May, as European Obesity Day (EOD16). If you have read ...

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NeverStopGlasgow. A Free 10k trail run with North Face

Kelsey Clausen. Mike Foote. Seth Swanson. The North Face Spring 2016 Running. Montana. Photographer: Greg Mionske. The North Face Rights Expire: 09_01_17.

“I could never resist the call of the trail” Although I am currently more Sloth Steve than Buffalo Bill, it is true that the trail has been calling my name. Two of my favourite events last year were the Hoka Highland Fling and Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra Marathon Relays and my main event this year ...

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Can I Run? My question to Hampden Sports Clinic.

Hampden Sports Clinic

Can I Run? This is not some sort of philosophical soul searching or Eastern enlightenment from my Chi Running workshop. It is the question that I asked my physiotherapist, Jim Fallon, at the Hampden Sports Clinic last night. Please allow me to rewind. Back in 1978, aged 5 years old, I fell over in pain. ...

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Chi Running and Yoga at Lululemon Glasgow


I have a confession. Two, actually, but I will explain the second later. I have missed running. Apathy and injury have taken their toll and it has been 6 months since I ran in my last Great Run event. I would like to say that the break has served me well, but I have struggled ...

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The Hub Pro. First Impressions and Interview with its Creator


The Hub Pro completely underpins the Faster training philosophy. It allows complete freedom for my clients to express themselves through movement, in an environment that easily lends it’s to task driven exercises to promote skill development with enough distraction to hit the right energy systems to smash their physical adaptation goals – Scott Devenney,  Faster ...

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The Race is On. A Step Count Challenge

Get Scotland Walking

I turned the corner and there, 500 metres ahead, were the leading pack. They were tightly grouped and moving at a reasonable pace. Catching and overtaking them would not be easy. It was Week 2 of the Step Count Challenge and my knee was still troubling me. I had originally decided to take this 5K easy, ...

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My View on Activity Equivalents proposals from RSPH


Gove’s Intentions In 2014, Michael Gove, the then Minister of Education , suggested that schools should use traditional punishments to discipline malcontent and miss behaving school pupils (1). One of the suggested punishments for classroom indiscipline was running laps of the playground. Not only could this be viewed as a form of corporal punishment, outlawed ...

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