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Before and NowWhether it is a walk in the park or a trip in the car, the question that my stepsons Danny and Jack ask me, at the beginning, middle and end of every journey is: “How many miles are we going, how many have we went and how many until we get there?”
Before and After

In January 2011, weighing 354lbs, I was shocked into action by a photograph that pulled me from my descent into depression and possibly an early grave.

I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on and the people that I would meet would change my life so dramatically.  My live became a life less ordinary. A life worth living.

I now I find myself having to remind myself how far I’ve actually came. 170lbs lost and a few gained, but working on becoming fitter and happier than ever. For the past seven years I have served as a Lay Adviser to the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, been a British Journal of Sports Medicine Blogger, a Man V Fat columnist, Radio broadcaster, HASSRA Scotland Physical Activity Champion, CSSC Communications officer and Health Rewards Brand Ambassador while I’ve also enjoyed being the principle blogger for Great Run and a member of Glasgow 2014’s Commonwealth Games Team 14.

This blog and my social media accounts chart my journey to becoming healthier, happier and a physical activity advocate and try athlete (I’ll try anything, but particularly enjoy running-although my knees are not as keen). I hope, as it helps keep me focused and keeps me in and out of mischief, that it also provides a little encouragement to at least two other wee guys

My boys, Danny and Jack.

And possibly also you. Everything that I do has one aim. To encourage more people to move more and live more. Through small steps and small changes.

If you would like to contact me about blogging, public speaking or just want some advice and support, please feel free to contact me via Facebook Messenger or contact me on Twitter at @howmanymiles_



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Val Corbett May 10, 2018 at 12:56 am

Hi Stephen, I heard you on call Kaye and you are so inspiring, you have worked so hard! I have 25 yrs nursing expirience and have also researched health and nutrition .You are right, it’s the food that has caused the health problems and food is key to resolving them. Dr Tom sounds like a lovely man but some of his advice is unintentionally dangerous like most drug prescibing doctors. Research is showing that drugs like metformin can do more harm than good. Please do some research in to fasting and intermittent fasting, there is a lot on you-tube including Dr Berg. Think of how our ancestors ate, you deserve to thrive not suffer like so many on the conventional route and if it helps you others will follow you. Food, Excercise, Sleep and Stress- we have to get them right to live in a healthy body and mind but food is key, if we get that right we have the energy to do more and sort the rest out.


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